Our Approach

Reboot Hiring is putting “humanness” back in business.

We are devoted to transforming organizations by nurturing the heart and soul of their workforce.

– Ferdinand Foch

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

The pandemic of 2020 wreaked havoc across our globe, but what it also did was highlighted how our businesses needed to revolutionize their no longer serving policies and systems.

Subsequently, The Great Resignation was birthed out of the pandemic for this very reason. Employees across multiple sectors came to the realization they were unhappy with their jobs during the pandemic. People were displeased with their work environment, the industry they were in, and their work-life balance or lack of.

They felt over worked, underpaid, and undervalued. As a result of their discontent, they began to leave in droves to search for purpose, meaning, and worth in a career. Employers were left confused, stressed, frantic, and most of all, unprepared. Businesses were suffering due to lack of manpower, low productivity, low performance, and an interruption in their daily operations.

What is the lesson from The Great Resignation? Employers need to value their employees. How will the employers do this? By implementing a human-centric system. What is a human-centric system? Designing a system around your employees and their specific needs. If you cater to the needs of your employees, then you will experience high productivity, high performance, cohesiveness, engagement, and higher retention which will impact your company’s bottom line.

This will be a win-win “soulution” for both you and your employees.

– Reboot Hiring

Speaking of a human-centric system

Reboot Hiring prides itself on putting “humanness” back in business. That’s why we developed our radical signature system called, The Alignment Method™.
– The Alignment Method™

Our radical signature system

The Alignment Method™ is designed to connect the “soul of an individual to the soul of a company.”

It’s not just about putting warm bodies in seats, but putting the right person in an aligned position. You see, as a society, we are trained to hire an individual based on their skillset and mindset, but not their soulset. Exploring the nature of the soul can lead to a greater understanding of your employee’s pure talent and natural abilities.

– Why Is This Crucial?

A win-win “soulution” for both
you and your employees.

The Alignment Method™ will enable you to place the employee in the most fitting position which will empower the employee to operate from their greatest potential, thrive in the workplace, and produce progressive outcomes that will move your company forward. This too will be a win-win “soulution” for both you and your employees.

How to Get Your Hiring Process Ready for the Future

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