Reboot Hiring

Game changing results that bend reality.

If you are a business who likes to maintain being conventional, satisfied with doing the same thing you always have done, and apprehensive of stepping outside of the box, then this site is not for you. That’s OK.

We are not for everyone. However, if you are a business who like to color outside of the lines, who lives on the cutting edge, and always looking for game changing results that bend reality, then this site is definitely for you. Welcome home, friend!

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Why Choose Us?

We Are A Specialty Human Resource Consulting Firm

Reboot Hiring is a specialty human resource consulting firm with an emphasis on changing the rules of how businesses hire their employees.

Hiring the “right” person for the “right” position sounds easy, doesn’t it? But as a business owner or hiring manager, you know it is not that simple.

There are so many variables at play that the whole entire hiring process becomes daunting and overwhelming.

WHEW! Look at the burden of responsibilities you have to contend with.

1- Identifying the hiring need

2- Writing a captivating job description that will attract your ideal candidates

3- Researching appropriate platforms that are directly targeted to your ideal candidates

4- Posting the job on these appropriate platforms

5- Managing the volume of incoming candidates

6- Screening candidates

7- Selecting candidates

8- Interviewing candidates

9- Interviewing candidates multiple times

10- Balancing speed and quality

11- Performing background checks

12- Performing reference checks

13- Reviewing desired candidates and deciding objectively on the “right” candidate to hire

14- Making an offer

15- Negotiating

16- Onboarding the “right” candidate

Hiring the wrong person can cost your company thousands of dollars!

During the hiring process, you probably will endure a great deal of anxiety wondering if you hired the “right” person or not? Geez…like you don’t already have enough mental distress with making challenging decisions for your company every day.

Consequently, did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire can be as high as $240,000 in expenses? WOW! That’s a lot of money tossed down the drain for the wrong person. That’s a mistake you definitely don’t want to make!

Reboot Hiring

We go beyond the standard HR services. Our radical approaches will empower your organization to cultivate excellence, enhance overall performance, achieve long term success, and most importantly, hire top talent – the “right talent.”

Experience the impact. Be a part of this movement. Let’s make a change together! Call today…”

“The biggest mistake is you think you have time.” – Buddha